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Geschrieben am 12. Februar 2013 | Abgelegt unter In Memoriam, SFG 1.Wurf/The lost litter

DSCN9835kl-phönix Kopie

Unser perfektes Bauxerl, Snowfire Gems Aurora Artwork Amethyst, wollten wir Phönix rufen, denn der immense Lebenswille, den er von der ersten Sekunde an zeigte, war Freude pur. Sein Lebenswille war es auch der uns über den Verlust seiner Geschwister, die es nicht in diese Welt geschafft haben, ungemein hinweg half. In meinen Händen hat unser Phönix den ersten Atemzug gemacht und 32 Stunden später leider auch seinen letzten. Nun haben wir unsere große Hoffnung verloren. Worte können diesen Verlust  nicht einmal ansatzweise ausdrücken.

Flieg kleiner Phönix, entlang der Regenbogenbrücke.
Deine Geschwister warten schon!

One of the most devasting days in a breeder’s entire life – we lost our whole A-litter! Words just can’t describe this tremendous pain!

2 Kommentare zu “Phönix”

  1. am 16. Februar 2013 um 18:42 1.Carlota schrieb …

    Dear Tanja,

    The lost of your first litter is devastating news.

    I knew that you were much looking forward to it for some time. You are such a responsible breeder and a wonderful person who only wanted the very best for this litter; not just in health but finding them good forever homes. I’m not sure if my words will be of any comfort, but I’m sure in the future you’ll be able to have many more puppies who you will see them grow and leaving their maternal place to happy and loving homes.

    I love the name you gave him, Phönix, because this little angel, will be reborn and never forgotten.

    Big hugs for you



  2. am 16. Februar 2013 um 19:36 2.admin schrieb …

    Hi Carlota,
    So far I didn’t associate his name with being re-born >>someday in the future<< as it was already like a little wonder that he survived his sibling‘s passing. However, I love your idea and will keep it in mind. It’s really something to look forward to! Many thanks for your words.

    Big hugs for your family & Diego too!
    XOXO Tanja

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